Potatoes-Beans-Tomatoes-Like Never Before!

You may have had potatoes with tomatoes, or tomatoes with potatoes or beans and tomatoes; we are going to mix all three – aaloo (potato) + rajma (red beans – but in this recipe we are using Pinto and Black beans) + tamatar (roma canned tomatoes) + of course the secret ingredients which go intoContinue reading “Potatoes-Beans-Tomatoes-Like Never Before!”

Here is my first post!

This is a sample post we are writing to demonstrate how it will look like. I simply started writing this out and once I reach the end of the sentence, I will hit enter. Now I automatically, started writing another ‘block’. If I need to add a new type of ‘block’, I need to clickContinue reading “Here is my first post!”

Brinjal or Chinese Eggplant Chutney – spicy dip

A brinjal Chutney? What’s a brinjal? Whats a Chutney? Read on learn how to get your food to the next level.

Better Rice and Beans

How do we make simple, tasty beans? These will go well with Rice or with tortilla chips or flat bread.
Try it out – simple and easy fix. It’s healthy too.

Cilantro Chutney

Simple, spicy and yummy!! You got to blend it in the last step 🙂

Cilantro Chutney reloaded and made EZ-ier

The best thing about Cilantro is, its so versatile. Just wash, chop and use as a garnish – OR – Try this recipe to raise the level for any dip. Challenge accepted

Green Plantain, Garbanzo Beans and Tomatoes

Green Plantains? What the heck are these? Just bananas. Well, not quite bananas – they are very very close cousins. These are not sweet – especially the green ones. Even when they are yellow and ripe – they are not the same. These are more of vegetable category – than fruits. Not quite – butContinue reading “Green Plantain, Garbanzo Beans and Tomatoes”

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