Just a place to share, desi or otherwise. If you are a desi, you know what that means. For those who are wondering, the word desi is a colloquial term to mean from the Desa (means country in Sanskrit and many current Indian languages) so Desi would mean someone from the home country. This is used by diaspora of the greater Indian sub-continent – from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal & Sri Lanka. (See more here – WikipediaUrban Dictionary – and we can also find not so happy definitions.

Leaving aside the descriptions – This is simply a place to share things which might interest most desis. And others too. Feel free to peruse, read and comment if you like something or want to express your thoughts.

Eco Friendly

All about Zero Waste - Well, just a little intro to this topic. Read more here This wiki page will give you all the nitty gritty. Now for those of us who have no time to read through pages of the Wiki - Basically it's a movement or philosophy where we try and reduce the amount of resources we use… Continue Reading
We eat, drink and inhale plastic now! - Last year this made a splash in the news and we sort of forgot all about it. I did too. Other things were more pressing. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled on some news nuggets while I was doing some research for a zero waste initiative. I thought I would share. The below is a… Continue Reading


Green Rice field and dark clouds South India Road Trip Pictures – south of Chennai - Sharing some pictures taken during a road trip a few years ago, Chennai to Rameswaram and back Continue Reading
Angkor Wat Temple What to do in Angkor Wat Siem Reap Cambodia - A quick guide on visiting Seam Reap, Cambodia. I visited in October a few years ago, here are my notes which I wrote to help some friends planning a similar trip. If you have not visited Angkor Wat, you must! Continue Reading